We transform your data into smart data

Dotdash offers AI solutions & services to transform your data into smart data. We unlock your data's true potential with knowledge graphs, graph databases and data science.
We connect the dots with dashes
Smart data enables any user to look at your data through the eyes of domain experts.
Today's data abundance means that companies need to rely on internal or external experts to know  which data resides where. Dotdash builds knowledge graphs that capture this expertise, bridging enterprise data silos. By transforming this data complexity into knowledge graphs, business stakeholders are enabled to make better decisions, faster.
What is connecting data and making it smart?
Ask a question and get an answer. No matter where the data resides.
Over the last 10 years, companies have been putting all their data together in a data lake (or data swamp). Yet, only a few people actually know what everything means and how it is related to each other. Graph technology makes these data relationships explicit as an independent layer on top of your data.
Technology that enables smart data
Turn data into information and information into knowledge.
Dotdash is a Neo4J partner that designs and implements enterprise graphs. However, we don't stop after constructing the graph. We take your data to the next level with graph AI services to unravel insights that matter. Dotdash delivers consulting services to create a holistic graph with you and to connect your data into a real knowledge base of your company.