Unleash the associative power of your data

Dotdash enables knowledge workers to make better decisions faster by connecting data assets and designing simplified, contextual views of siloed enterprise data with connected data lakehouses.
A digital optician for your business
with connected data
A digital optician for your business, enabling focus on what matters.
Today's data abundance makes it difficult to effectively understand the most important facts and their effects on the organisation. Business teams struggle to discern overall patterns from a mass of detail in enterprise data. Loads of dots, but no easy way to connect them.
Ask a question and get an answer, no matter where your data resides.
Dotdash is a Neo4J and Databricks partner that specialises in storage & analytics of connected data. We design and build enterprise knowledge graphs to uncover implicit insights that matter. By making and storing explicit connections in your data, business stakeholders can select appropriate lenses to improve and scale their decisions, faster.